No Moon LA

Terence Koh Moon Kwan

November 23rd – December 23rd, 2022

Opening Wednesday November 23rd 6 – 9 PM

Born: Singapore
August 21, 1975 1:04 pm

Sun: Leo 27° 33’
Moon: Aquarius 20° 57’
Venus: Virgo 7° 24′

There are things and people you know with your eyes closed. The very weight of their being leans into your senses.

The moon is one of these. Pressing its face through a wild night, it calls quiet around it. It is a deep breath. You cannot regard the moon without, at least temporarily, laying down whatever thought or action was absorbing you. It is the same moon it has been for centuries, appearing in time like a running stitch, and yet it changes shape every evening.

Terence Koh is also one of these. He was born into a circle of fire signs— Sagittarius rising in the east, the sun in Leo directly overhead and Jupiter burning below the horizon in Aries. From his arrival and from the planets gathered at his birth it was clear that Koh would be who he was and that existence alone could not satiate him. A desire to engage with life was embedded in his pulse.

This commitment to communing with life, not just riding its breath, required Koh to open himself to the essence of every situation and its contents. Among all the variables— people, politics, history, locations, land— the constant has been Koh.

The limelight has only been able to illuminate Koh’s work from certain angles, revealing various shapes and phases of the work, but never, like the moon, divulging the full picture. 

On November 23, Moon Kwan opens. The show is a daily ritual, which involves Koh carrying the moon’s image down from the roof into the gallery. In many ways this action traces Koh’s own path through the art world, bringing art from a realm that is often unreachable to where it can be held humbly in the heart.

Marty Windahl

Terence Koh has recently performed and exhibited at ALICIA, Los Angeles. His works are in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art New York, Tate Modern and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. He is represented by Office Baroque, Andrew Edlin Gallery and Horrach Moya.