No Moon LA

Peter Holzhauer Untitled Los Angeles

Peter Holzhauer Untitled, Los Angeles

September 25th – October 23rd, 2022

Opening Sunday September 25th 6 – 9 PM

Born: Portland, OR
October 18, 1978 6:07 am

Sun: Libra 24° 48′
Moon: Taurus 23° 02′
Venus: Scorpio 22° 48′

When he was four, Peter Holzhauer and his family swung from one coast to the other, driving across the country in a Datsun 210. The sun and the sign of Libra were rising in the east when he was born. The symbol of Libra is a scale that weighs two opposites against each other in an effort to locate their shared value.

It may have been on this initial trip that Holzhauer began to sharpen his photographic vision, flipping through scenes of city and countryside, weighing land and sky against each other. Mile after mile, running along the line where the two met, he honed an intensity of seeing that began to open the unacknowledged depths and possibilities between contraries.

Holzhauer possesses an unrelenting drive to bring forth the image, for which he is more than willing to sacrifice. His photographs provide entrance to his hunt, uncovering incongruities, collusions, flashes inhabiting the boundary of transition that would have escaped most eyes entirely. Taking the viewer into their confidence, the images remind us that there is depth, and sometimes strangeness, in each lived, dynamic moment in the city.

Marty Windahl

Peter Holzhauer has had solo exhibitions at Gallery Luisotti and Night Gallery. His work is held in the permanent collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Hammer Museum, the George Eastman Museum, and Colección Jumex. He received his MFA from University of California, Los Angeles.