No Moon LA

Doug Inglish Then and Now
November 4th – December 2nd, 2021

Born: Washington D.C.
August 19, 1968 7:43 am

Sun: Leo 26° 32’
Moon: Cancer 3° 46’
Venus: Virgo 13° 02’

If you want to lure a horse to your hand, you have to become something you aren’t very often. Or maybe you only have to remember you are someone a horse wants to trust with the softness of their muzzle. Looking them in the eye is really about allowing them to see you—which is difficult to forget because your own image is reflected back to you so clearly in just one large eye. 

Doug Inglish was someone horses wanted to trust. Growing up in McLean, Virginia, a suburb edging into horse country outside of Washington D.C., he had many opportunities to practice enchanting wild things. With a stellium of planets in the mercurial sign of Virgo in his natal astrology chart, Inglish, like the messenger god Mercury himself, moved easily between worlds. Some weekends his father would take him into the city. Even there, where laws are manufactured, there was a recklessness running under all the white collars.

Faced with the pressures of conformity, everyone has something that doesn’t fit into the picture of their lives, like the last piece of a puzzle without matching contours to receive it. Even with those pieces tucked away, it’s clear something is missing. You would never comment on it, it’s better to stick to subjects people let you see. Within those boundaries, Inglish playfully pushes against the walls, but he always knows when to pull back.

Then and Now opens on the new moon of November 4th.  The astrological omens of the evening suggest the show may reveal surprising truths, not just about his subjects or Inglish himself, but about the intimacy that can flower between subject and photographer. Especially when the subject feels safe enough to let themselves be seen. 


Doug Inglish has worked with Katie Grand, Luke Jefferson Day, Nicola Formichetti and Hamish Bowles. His work has been featured in Vogue, GQ, Hero and Love Magazine. Most recently, as part of an on-going collaboration with Luis Venegas and Jacob Buccholz, he has published THE EY! WE WERE #1. On November 17th, 2021 he will join Alexis Bard Johnson from the One Archive to speak on his collection of historical male physique photography.

No Moon LA